Friday, January 25, 2008

Zane has done pretty well for the past six weeks. Up until two weeks ago, he was taking 20mg of Prednisone daily. Then I started tapering his dose to 10 mg daily per Dr. Durkes instructions. The past week has seen some changes in Zane's stability and he even had one day of knuckling under with his front paw.

I am using his orthotic brace now for his outside time to help protect and stabilize his neck. Up until now, I haven't used the brace much with Zane. He clearly does not like it and goes running in the opposite direction when he sees me pick it up.

One of my biggest challenges is keeping control over the amount of playtime between Zane and Daizee Lu. Daizee clearly loves Zane and plays with him every chance she gets. Once outside, they are like Titans clashing up against each other one minute and then rolling in the clay dust the next. After a rousing play session, they like to commandeer opposite ends of the couch for a good long nap together.