Friday, November 16, 2007

Riding the rollercoaster

The week has moved on and Zane seems to be doing better with the help of the Prednisone and his neck brace. He is moving a little easier although not nearly as well as he did in the month following the implants. He is back to climbing up on the furniture and getting into trouble in other ways! His rear legs are not in sync with his front so he is back to sideways running and kangaroo hopping.
The prednisone has helped Zane get his appetite back. He lost 3 pounds during his backsliding and wasn't very interested in eating...well at least not his food. He doesn't really love the Science Diet that we feed him to comply with Dr. Durkes advice to keep the calcium down to limit Zane' growth until he turns two. He prefers the Canidae that he used to eat and that Zeke still does eat. I have made a compromise and add about a third of a cup of the Canidae on top of the Science Diet to get Zane started. He is also drinking like crazy and several times this week we have made potty trips outside in the middle of the night. This is not much fun with Zane as he never comes right back in. He likes to go exploring in the dark!

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AmyRobertson said...

Hi - I have really gotten a lot out of your story about Zane. My dog was recently diagnosed with Wobbler's and we are currently doing the steroid treatment. She was doing great for over a month and just recently had a relapse. I was wanting to try a neck brace on her but my VET does not know where to get one. I am wondering if you can help me find one to buy over the internet or if I can make one at home?
Thank you for your help!!
-Amy Robertson